About Prescott House

Georgian Architecture

Georgian Architecture

Acacia Grove is one of the finest examples of Georgian Architecture in Nova Scotia. It is characterized by its symmetry, grandeur and graceful proportions. The house is of solid brick construction and has an unusual “bell cast” roof.


After Charles Prescott’s death in 1859 at the age of 87 the house was auctioned and carefully tended for about 30 years while in the hands of the Kaye family. Over time the house passed through several owners and eventually fell into disrepair. In 1931 it was bought and restored by Miss Mary Allison Prescott, great granddaughter of Charles.

Restoration took about 3 years and by the early 1940’s she and her two sisters came to live at Acacia Grove permanently. The house is furnished to reflect the 19th century with items collected by the Prescott sisters. They were fortunate to trace some original furnishings which belonged to their great grandfather Charles.