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School Programs


Prescott House Museum offers educational and fun-filled school programs for grades primary to six. All programs are created to reflect and complement the Nova Scotia social studies and science curricula.

School program

The program runs for approximately 2 hours. Upon arrival students will be divided into 3 groups, and will rotate through 3 different activities, lasting 30 minutes each. The activities include 1) house tour; and 2) outdoor adventure The remaining time can be allocated to playing Victorian games and/or a lunch break.


  • Our inviting grounds and picnic areas are available for lunch and snacks.
  • The program cost is $3 per child. Teachers and chaperones are free.
  • Please dress for the weather!


For more information or to book your class, please call the museum at 902-542-3984 or email us.


House Tour: Social Studies Curriculum

The house tour will focus on the roles of family, specifically children, in the 1800s. Different themes will be emphasized to tie in with the curriculum outcomes of each grade level.

Outdoor Adventure: Science Curriculum

Students will explore the natural world in our own backyard. Activities will vary depending on grade level:

Primary, Grade 1 & 2 students will go on a nature Scavenger Hunt where they will search for nature’s hidden treasures!

Grade 3 students will explore the different types of soils in this hands-on activity, and determine why the Annapolis Valley soil is perfect for growing apples.

Grade 4, 5, and 6 students will explore the exciting dynamics of prey-predator relationships. They will learn about various adaptations that have enabled mammals to survive in their habitats, and they will play a challenging “stalking” game to simulate prey-predator interactions.

Victorian Games

If time remains, the class will come together to play various Victorian Games. Games include: stilt walking, hoop and stick, skipping, Jacob’s ladder and more!